The Project App for iPad

The Project App for iPad, simply the best business and productivity app to manage your agenda’s, task lists, and projects!

On our website you will find general information as well as a user forum, video’s and how to guides all aimed at making your Project App experience the best possible. Please feel free to browse around any specific questions? Go to the blog section or use the feedback form to contact us! Thank you for your interest in The Project App!

Please scroll down to explore the most important features of The Project App and make your first step towards becoming a Master Planner!

The Project App for iPad homescreen. This screen gives you an overview of all your projects, agenda’s and tasks. Green means on track, Red is behind, and Blue means completed. Want to start a new project? Press “+”  Need help?  Press “?” Tutorial? Press “i”  1
 2 The Project App for iPad – Homescreen Help Overlay: Need help? Press “?” As you can see, the interface is simple, intuitive but allows you to do anything you need and gives the overview you want!
The Project App for iPad – Dayview. In this view you see your agenda, tasks, milestones and projects. See you deadlines and add items by + or pressing the calendar, use the menu to switch between projects and swipe to change the date.  3
 4 The Project App for iPad – 5 Days view. This view allows you to see ahead for the coming 5 days, we have more views available which can be accesses by the view bar on the bottom of the screen. Add items by dragging and dropping the preset tiles above or by tapping the white calendar grid. Play around with it, The Project App for iPad comes with three projects so you can try it out and become a Master Planner!
The Project App for iPad – Double Arrow icon: For maximising your workspace and productivity you can hide the preset tiles by using the double arrow icon on the top right. Want to add an item? tap the calendar grid. Want to move an item, select it and move it with your finger. For optimal structuring the calendar grid is divided in Milestones, Tasks, and Meetings, this is done automatically, so the app delivers structure and you can focus on what has to be done! 5
 6 The Project App for iPad – Dashboard: For the ultimate oversight we have created a dashboard! The Project App will automatically structure your products and give the oversight you need, per individual item in the lower section, a helicopter view by the dashboard tiles in the top section, Milestones, Meetings, Tasks and Project Completion, it’s all there including the average time per item! Need information about an individual item, use the envelope icon to send e-mails directly to your co-workers or friends. Now that’s project management made easy!
The Project App for iPad – Adding a project: Want to add or duplicate a project? Use the “+” button from The Project App Home Screen. Title, colour, contacts, notes it’s all there and even more! Choose the dates and see how long the project will take, set times, and, you can sync with your current calendar, export tasks to reminders and task lists so you have synchronisation on all your devices and operating systems! Use the iPad for planning, communicate with all your devices and be more productive! 7
 8 The Project App for iPad – Projectscreen Help Overlay: When you are engaged in The Project App and feeling you are getting lost? Simply press “?” to see what you can do! Add an item? Press anywhere or drag and drop a preset tile. Select presets? Decide between milestones, meetings, tasks, and resources and then drop where you want. Add a preset? press “+” on the top right side. Master the Art of Planning by using The Project App for iPad and become a Master Planner!