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The Project App - Simply the best productivity app!


The Project App for iPad – Correct Settings

Below you can find the correct settings in case you have problems or the app crashes in some rare cases. Go to these settings by: SETTINGS>PRIVACY Settings>Privacy>Calendars Settings>Privacy>Contacts:                                         Settings>Privacy>Reminders             […]

The Project App for iPad – Now available as free download!!!

Because of the huge success of The Project App for iPad we have developed a free version (containing in app purchases) which will allow users to share their projects with others! The development of The Project App is ongoing so stay tuned for further updates! iTunes link to The Project App Free:   iTunes […]

The Project App

The Project App for iPad | Updates

Update 1.03: E-mail sharing, dropbox functionality and much more! – Performance improvement – Bug fixes   Update 1.02: Bugfixes, Performance Improvements aimed at delivering you the best app experience possible! – Items in the calendar that were moved beyond the boundaries of the project doesn’t get deleted anymore – Performance improvements – Bug in dayview […]

The Project App for iPad

The Project App will show you all of your appointments, reminders and tasks in one view! It has a clean design with day, week, month and dashboard views, and offers a lot of functionalities but is very easy to use. The Project App simply puts all of your productivity needs in 1 app! Add items […]