Dashboard 2

The Project App for iPad has a built in dashboard to give you the overview you need!

Please scroll down to get an overview of the most important features


You can access the Dashboard by pressing the dashboard icon (press ? for an overview of all functions in any screen)

In the dashboard you have several options / gestures:

– Swipe left and right to go to other projects and to get an overview of all projects!

– See days left in calendar days and workdays

– Choose between Projects and Resources (here you can see who is working on which tasks or where)

– See which tasks are behind, you have to do, are started and are completed (always nice to know what you did!)

– See which meetings are to come and are completed (works great when looking over all projects!)

– From these views you can also send an e-mail with an invite to get the status of the task, change location of the meeting and so on

Below is an example of how the dashboard will help you get the most out of your time and keep track of your goals!


























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    Theprojectapp Post auteur

    Did you know that The Project App’s dashboard will also let you see the progress and overview over ALL projects at once? And if that’s not enough, you can also select the resource view to see per resource (e.g. person, location) what’s the status and what’s going on!