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The Project App for iPad comes with the cool feature (in-app purchase in the free version) of making a backup of your project (or calendar ;-)) and sharing this by Dropbox, E-mail, and so on.

This unique feature can also be used to make a backup of your calendar for a certain time frame, check out the menu under Features>E-mail and Backup>Calendar Backup.

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4 thoughts on “Email and Backup

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    I downloaded your app Project App (TPA) on my iPad. I can’t find houw to print or export to a printable format (PDF, oid). Is that possible??

    with regards, Bas Bel

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      Dear Bas,

      Thank you very much for your download of The Project App! Currently we do not have an export to PDF, that is something we are working on currently. What you can do is make a screenshot by pressing the home button and on/off button from the iPad simultaneously. A screenshot will then be stored in your photo roll and you can print from there.

      The Project App

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    Marco rondon

    I downloaded your app to my ipad and bought the extra resources.
    Now i would like to convert a Milestone into a task. How can i do it ?
    How do I print the plan ?
    Is it possible to list the tasks by resources ?


    Marco Rondon

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      Dear Marco,

      Thank you very much for your question and download of The Project App.

      With regard to your questions:

      It is unfortunately not possible to convert a milestone into a task.
      For printing, you can make a screenshot from your iPad by pressing the home and on/off button simultaneously, this will have the iPad put a picture in your photo roll which you can then use for presentations, printing, etc. Full printing functionality will be developed later when the browser version is ready!

      To sort tasks by resources, you need to go to the dashboard, with the dashboard you can choose from the menu (top right corner) and select resources. You will then see the tasks and projects organised by resources, swiping left and right will show the next one.

      Good luck and let us know if we can provide you with any further feedback!