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The Project App for iPad has the feature of using presets, what are they and how do they work?

First of all, in the free version you can in-app purchase the presets, the paid version has them included!

See the following pictures for a quick overview, further down are more details if required.

IMG_0437 IMG_0438 IMG_0439

Presets are shortcuts used to enter meetings by drag and drop. They can be single items such as a single meeting (30 minutes coffee break), a single tasks (task for today repeating weekly on Wednesday) or a milestone for this week.

You also have the option to save resources along with the single item such as a Jog in the park on Saturday from 08:00 – 10:30 with John, Prepare a sales presentation every monday at 08:00 with the sales team in room 02-123, the options are unlimited.

But it gets better! When creating milestones and linking meetings, tasks and resources to them, you can save these from the popup menu as presets; this means that you can add weekly recurring tasks meetings and combinations with a single drag and drop. Preparing for a marathon? Simply make a milestone preset and your training plan will show up in the calendar! Check out the last screenshot with the marathon milestone containing all the training necessary!

At The Project App we recommend to create a test project and play around with this feature a little, once you have mastered this feature, we are sure you’ll be loving it! We do at The Project App!

Please find below some pictures that contain more information about the Preset and Shortcut function, need help when in the app? Simply press the “?” button.

The Project App - Help Overlay
























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6 thoughts on “Presets

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    Hi there
    I think TPA is an amazing app, finally something different.
    There’s only something missing….the reminders synchronize only one way, from TPA to Reminders but not from Reminders to TPA. So if I wanna transfer a Project I started a long time ago to TPA, I have to restart from scratch. I’m using the free version and wanted to buy the Pro version, but without the proper sync it’s useless for me. Is the pro version different?
    Thank you for a quick feedback

    • Reply
      The Project App

      Dear Angi, thank you very much for your question!

      Currently presets will not provide you with this feature but we are working on an update to include a reminder sync in both versions of The Project App. This will enable you to import your current reminder lists.

      Thank you very much for your compliments,

      The Project App

    • Reply
      Theprojectapp Post auteur

      Dear Santi,

      Thank you very much for your questions and we are very happy you are using The Project App.
      With regard to your question, completing a project is a definitive state, you cannot undo this.
      What you can do however is create a duplicate of the project with the same days as the completed project, from there you can work again on the project as it was in the “inprogress” state!

      We have added a “how to duplicate a project” as a tutorial on our website!

      If you need any further feedback, please let us know!

      Kind regards,

      The Project App Team

    • Reply
      Theprojectapp Post auteur

      Dear Tony,

      Thank you very much for your inquiry and buying The Project App!

      I will update the website as soon as possible but let me personally explain to you what it is for:

      The Schedule Bar will show you a timeline and in a quick overview what is going on that day. (one cell is 24hrs)

      The dark blue blocks resemble the time you are in meetings (and usually cannot work on tasks)
      The lines show the deadlines you have and when you have them (the more stripes the busier you are)
      The circles show the end time of milestones (the more dots, the more milestones end)

      Especially in combination with the customized view, the schedule bar can provide you information at a glance!

      Hope you enjoy The Project App, we are working very hard on new features and a browser version!

      If there is anything else you need to know or like to share please do so,

      Kind regards,