Plan a Marathon

In this example we use the Project App to plan a marathon on Sunday June 29th, 2014!

Find the .tpa file under this link:

Full Marathon – May 18th

For these kind of plans, we strongly recommend always to create a separate calendar and reminder list! (There can be a lot of activities added suddenly!)

First we create a project with the name “Marathon | June 29th”

Project runs from Feb 10 – July 6

Create the Project!


Select the milestone preset, Full Marathon and drag it onto the calendar grid


Let go of the preset at the desired END Time (Meetings have start-time, milestones and tasks have an ending time that the black time box shows)


And now The Project App will automatically place all the associated meetings and tasks including distances (or resources) there for you!


See the 2 month view for what a long way you have to go! 😉


And you can instantly use the dashboard to keep track of your activities!


The same method with milestones you can use for work, projects, home decoration, education, the options are endless!

Please share your experiences and let’s make planning become fun!

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