The Project App for iPad 1

The Project App

The Project App will show you all of your appointments, reminders and tasks in one view! It has a clean design with day, week, month and dashboard views, and offers a lot of functionalities but is very easy to use. The Project App simply puts all of your productivity needs in 1 app!

Add items by a simple drag and drop, complete your tasks, e-mail tasks and invites, make presets, switch between views and that is just the start, The Project App is here to help you become a Master Planner!

The Project App is the perfect productivity tool for people that think project management software is too complex and want more than an agenda app. The Project App will manage both your professional and personal projects, goals, milestones, meetings and tasks.

In this section of our page we invite you to react, share ideas, exchange tips & tricks all so we can make The Project App for iPad the ultimate productivity tool!

Thank you very much, The Project App Team, Alex, Gijsbert, Maarten

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